When Is Discovery Weekend?

“WONDER 2019” is Friday, March 8th – Sunday, March 10th.

Due to impending rain this weekend, Discovery has now activated its rain plan. Please note we are still following the weather closely and will communicate any additional information with you via email and on our website (www.elementdiscoveryweekend.com) should there be further developments.

The 6th graders will no longer collect canned goods and will instead join the 7th/8th graders at Homewood Middle School for the Rise Against Hunger mission project. All students will rotate between Trinity UMC and HMS for lunch, D-group and the mission project. If your student (middle school or high school) needs to check out between 12:00 – 3:00pm on Saturday, please stop by the Check In/Check Out desk located at Trinity UMC first to determine where your student is in the rotation. This desk is located in the 1st floor lobby of Trinity UMC on the Seminole Drive side of the church.

We are now unable to go to Horses, Horses in Calera. We will stay close to home and venture to Homewood Park and Rec Center. Due to the elimination of travel time, our Final Recap Service will now begin at 12:30pm in the gym. Parents are invited to attend and should arrive at 12:15pm. Students will be dismissed following the service. If your student (middle school or high school) needs to check out between 8:45am – 12:15pm on Sunday, please stop by the Check In/Check Out desk located at Trinity UMC first before heading to Homewood Park.


Countdown Until WONDER 2019 Begins!


Registration Cost for Discovery Weekend is $125 for Middle School Students; $99 for High School Leaders.
Scholarships are available for ANY student in need.

Quick Overview!

This is the one weekend of the year that you don’t want to miss!

Discovery Weekend is a three day retreat for middle school students, led by caring high school and adult leaders at Trinity UMC in Birmingham. It’s the best way to connect with God, friends, and adult leaders, as well as disconnect from the world and grow in your faith.

What happens at Discovery?


Our goal at Trinity UMC is to partner with your family in raising your student up in a loving relationship with Christ. Whether this is your student’s first time at Element or fiftieth time at Element, whether you are members at Trinity or elsewhere or nowhere, all are welcome at Discovery.


Discovery Weekend is a spiritual formation experience for middle school students. What makes it unique is that it is led by high school students, young adults, and parents. The purpose of Discovery Weekend is to help middle school students connect with Christ in new and amazing ways.


The general flow of Discovery rotates through small groups, a worship session, eating and free time. Saturday will also include a missional element. Discovery staff and volunteers develop a minute to minute plan to ensure that every student has a chance to engage in a way that is meaningful to their specific faith journey.


During this weekend retreat, students will discover what it means to live life as a known child of God. With great worship, intimate small groups, and talks from high school students, Discovery is truly something that you do not want to miss!

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