Click Here To Download The Element Story Packet

This Year at Element, we’re discovering our story and how to share it with our community.

Everyone has a story. Let’s hear yours.

Faith stories are exciting because they’re true. Even if they don’t include action movie-making material, they reveal that God has been at work in your life.

Think of it this way. Your faith story reveals . . . 

  • what you believe
  • where you’ve been
  • how God is working in your life, and 
  • why you choose to follow Jesus.

Think of it this way: It’s fun to flip through old photo albums at home because they remind us of places we’ve been, people we love, and help us understand how our life has been shaped. The same happens when we take time to identify our faith story. It reveals God’s blessings in the good and God’s faithfulness in the not-so-good.

And that’s the beauty of identifying your story – because everyone has one!

Why Share My Story?

We’re building web of stories to use this upcoming year – don’t worry, we won’t volen-tell you that you have to get in front of people to share it nor does it mean that everyone will be able to share in a given year. We would love for our stories to match what we are learning about this school year!

What Next?

  1. Pray and ask God to help you see your story unfolding.
  2. Download and review our “Element Story Packet” (found above).
  3. Submit your story below!