Roots – Welcome to the {early} Church!

Join us on the first Sunday of each series for ROOTS!

Students will meet from 6-8 PM, by grade, at our Roots Host Homes. Below is the grade listing and contact information for each host home. Parents, if you are interested in helping with meals and leadership at these host homes, please contact your grade’s hosts directly.

ROOTS Home Addresses:
6th Grade  – Begins January 2019

7th Grade  – Marianne and David Siegel
205 E Edgewood Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209

8th Grade – Nancy and Tracy Ferren
916 Westover Dr
Birmingham, AL 35209

9th Grade – Janie and Dave Mayer
1608 Beckham Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209

10th Grade – 10th Grade – Barry and Kyle Smith
119 Crest Dr
Birmingham, AL 35209

11th Grade – Kirstie & Tray Ivey
1733 Wellington Road
Birmingham, AL 35209

12th Grade – Cherokee and Lane Wooley
317 E Glenwood Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209

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