ONWARD 2018 – High School Discovery Weekend

When Is Discovery Weekend?

“ONWARD 2018” is Saturday, August 18th – Sunday, August 19th.
Registration Cost is $125 for High School Students. Scholarships are available for ANY student in need.


Quick Overview!

This is the one weekend of the year that you don’t want to miss!

High School Discovery Weekend is a two day camp for High School Students at Springville Camp & Conference in Odenville, AL. It’s the best way to connect with God, friends, and adult leaders, as well as disconnect from the world and grow in your faith.

What happens at Discovery?


We love to have fun and we kick it into full-throttle at Discovery Weekend! We’ll have great games, activities, time at the lake, and a ton more!


We make connecting with other students and adult leaders our priority. During the weekend, we’ll break out into small groups to go more in depth on what was just taught.


This weekend is led by young adults who were just at the same place our students are now. Our leaders share the messages and relate how God is at work in their life and how our focus scripture is applicable in students lives today.


We want students to leave changed. This entire weekend is designed to make an impact in their lives and bring them closer to God.

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All paperwork is handled online. Make sure to have medical and contact information accessible before registering.