Middle School Mission Trip


This year we are making a significant change in our location for our mission trip. This year, we will not be going to Alabama Rural Ministry in Tuskegee, AL as in years past. ARM has been an incredible trip and partnership over the past seven years. We have loved the relationships and memories formed, however as we have continued to seek out the places where God is leading us, we have found ourselves looking right in our own backyard here in Birmingham.

Urban Ministry (http://urban-ministry.org) is an inner city ministry of the United Methodist Church that, among other programs, offers a summer missions camp for students. Trinity and Element have already been in partnership with Urban for many years and we are so excited about the future of this deepened relationship.

Question: There are needs everywhere. Why are we staying in Birmingham?
Answer: There are needs everywhere, absolutely! One of the best ways to begin making a kingdom-sized impact is through teaching and working with students on understanding the needs within their own community. Another great benefit (as shared by another local UMC church who partners with ARM) is that it affirms students in their passion to give back to their own community. Students are able to see first hand the brokenness in their own backyards and see the opportunities to make a difference for Christ.

Question: Where will we be staying?
Answer: The students will be staying overnight as a part of the Urban Ministry camp at Walnut Grove United Methodist Church (1126 Wilkes Rd, Midfield, AL 35228) which recently became repurposed and renovated to house up to 80 people for Urban Ministry. Rooms are twin bunk beds, typically 8-10 beds per room.

Question: What kind of work will we be doing?
Answer: One of the biggest needs in the West End Community is exterior paint renovations to homes. Most Home Owner Insurance Companies will actually drop homes that are not protected with good quality exterior paint. This can of course be expensive to do, thus many homes end up left abandoned over time. Urban works to remedy this by providing full exterior paint renovations to homes. We will break out into teams at the beginning of the week and hopefully paint 7 homes over the course of the week!

Again, we are so looking forward to the ways God will be at work in our lives and the lives of the homeowners we meet next summer. We would love for your student to join us! We are also looking for 14 adult leaders so if YOU are interested or have any further questions please feel free to email me.