About Us

Our Mission:

Element Student Ministry exists to reach everyone for Christ, to connect with other Christians, to grow in our faith, to serve those in need, and to honor God with our lives.

Our Vision:

Element Student Ministry’s vision is to partner with families in supporting the growth of student relationships with Christ. We realize that this partnership requires effort on both sides and, at Element, we do our very best to provide a variety of creative ministry opportunities that help students fall more in love Jesus Christ each time they walk through our doors. We offer many different ways to get plugged in because we know that each individual student is in a unique place on their spiritual journey. We aim to meet students where they are and then help them GROW deeper in their faith.

Our hope is that you will find a ministry that you can get involved with this year. We don’t expect anyone to participate in everything, but we DO want you to find at least one weekly ministry to participate in and fully commit to being a part of. If you have any questions about our ministry, please get in touch with us. We love to share about our vision and goals.

We’re excited about walking alongside your family on this faith journey. We look forward to supporting, challenging, and guiding you to grow in your desire to be more like Christ.

Meet our Staff!

Robert Sturdivant
Youth Minister
Robert leads an incredible team and strives to connect students, parents, and leaders to God through our ministry. He is a mentor to many and a friend to all. Hobbies include: his dogs, yard work, good (and bad) coffee, Instagram, CrossFit, sarcasm.
Betsy McLean
Logistics Director
Betsy makes this whole thing work. End of bio because she needs to get back to making all the things work! Also, she's an amazing mom, wife and mentor to our community. Passionate about excel spreadsheets and order all the while throwing in a bit of chaos and spontaneity.
Emily Willson
Director of Discipleship
Emily is originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee before coming to Birmingham in the fall of 2015 to attend Samford University. Emily holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre for Youth with a Minor in Ministry and Missions. Emily is passionate about discipleship and creating a space of artistic expression in worship.
Kameron Mitchell
Worship Leader
Kameron is currently a senior at Birmingham Southern College, but spends most of his extra time at Element connecting with students and leading the youth worship team. Hobbies include: Being in a band, being in his other band, Publix Fried Chicken, his hair.
Parker Stech
Creative Person
Parker is probably best known as the uncontested coolest staff member at Element. He makes apps, videos, graphics, and has full access to edit this site. He has a ridiculously large family and rides a OneWheel. When possible, he eats most food with chopsticks.
Josh Miller
Assistant Director
Josh grew up in our ministry and community. Josh has long felt a calling to serve in youth ministry as a career and now gets to do just that! Josh has many gifts and graces, especially his passion for reaching and deepening relationships with students. Hobbies: Baseball and whatever else we come up with as this bio evolves!
David Thompson
Youth and Family Ministries Pastor
David is an executive pastor at Trinity UMC, but after twenty years in youth ministry, it's in his bones. His creativity and motivation are unparalleled. Hobbies include: dreaming big, asking fun questions, nicknames, Team Handball and Olympics.
Liza Spencer
Trinity Outreach Coordinator
Liza oversees all things service learning and mission experiences here at Trinity! At Element, she leads our local, regional and international trips. If you are looking for a way to serve in our community, Liza is your person - which is great because she's never met a stranger!

Ministry Outlook:

To effectively help students become deeply committed Christians, we must first identify where they are in their spiritual journey. Then, we encourage them to grow and move deeper down the ministry funnel of discipleship.

Photo Release Policy:

It is the policy and practice of Element Student Ministry that during any and all programs, events and worship experiences that there may be photographs and video footage taken and published on our various social media platforms that could include you/your student without financial compensation or consideration. If you would like to opt out of this policy, please submit your request in writing to Trinity United Methodist Church, 1400 Oxmoor Road, Birmingham AL 35209 Attn: Element Student Ministry. Please be sure to include your/your student’s name and contact information. Thanks!